For People, Who want to learn "How to sing Hindustani classical music"

Want to “Master Hindustani classical music” ? If yes, join our Live webinar on 10-Dec-2021 (Friday) at 7:30 PM.¬†

Learn my 4 step system of singing Hindustani Classical music and my unique riyaz techniques and start your journey to become a pro-Hindustani Classical singer.

What will you learn in this webinar

Here Is How This Amazing Course By A Trainer who has More Than 7 Years Of experience in Hindustani classical music Is Going To Help You:

Harshad Kamble is one amongst the many who have a desire to become a good singer, they struggle, they fail and surge ahead in search of learning good music. Marched with an undying passion and an utmost sincerity towards Music, he began his journey with some false ideas about music in mind .

More than 5000 Students have already Learned Hindustani classical music". Here's what they are saying:

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