The most Powerful and Effective Secrets of singing
"Hindustani classical music"

In this Course,I will show you how to learn this Breath-taking music to become a Mesmerizing Singer.

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If you learn techniques that I will teach you, Doesn’t matter whoever you are, A novice or a PRO or A Star, You are bound to Sing beautifully!


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” I have been teaching music since last 7 years. I have helped 1000s of students to succeed in their musical journey. 


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Just Listen to these beautiful compositions of hindustani classical music

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Harshad Kamble singing a beautiful Bandish in Raag Bhoop composed by his guru Pt. Arun Kashalkar!

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Harshad Kamble singing a beautiful Tarana in Raag Jhinjhoti composed by Ustaad Nissar Hussain Khan!

When I learnt under my Guruji Pt. Arun Kashalkar, Within Few Weeks I had Vast improvement in my singing. You will save Years and Years  of your Time and Efforts and learn Right Riyaz Techniques for your voice. Do not damage your voice by trying to sing in a wrong way without attending my webinars. Your Voice is Precious. Preserve it!  

"Personal Attention and Whatsapp support

This course is completely practical. No Boring Theories, No Bluffs. You can not learn music without a teacher. I will be one message away from you whenever you are in any doubt or confusion, I will send you correction videos if you send me your singing videos. I will hand hold you and make it extremely easy for you.

Join my course and see the transformation in yourself and  in case you do not like my course, take back your 100% refund from me within 14 days.

Believe Me When I Say This - " You are surely going to Love my course. Even If you have learnt music before, you have not learnt in my way. My methods are quiet exceptional and you will not find these techniques in any music books or theories or on internet."


Who Am I ?

And Why am I doing this?


Harshad Kamble

Founder & Creator Of Swargyan Music academy

When I started on this journey to Learn Music, I was 22 years old. ;”>I am a mechanical Engineer, and just like you, I was a normal guy, ordinary in my singing who loved music.  In 2014, I planned to go Germany for my further studies. At this point, a slight ray of thought came in my mind that I should learn some basics of classical music so that it could shape my voice. I went to a local music teacher and on the first day itself I was shocked to know that I was not singing Sa (Shadj) properly.  On the second day, I fell in love with varieties of sur, taal and raagas in Hindustani classical music, something that I can not express in words. In 1 week, I realized that this music was not going off my head and my passion and love towards music was increasing day by day.  In 1 month, I dropped the plan to go to Germany and decided that I will do what I love to do.  After 3 months, I was sent to Mumbai by my family for a new job thinking that I have gone mad over music, but there, I accidentally met my Guru Pt. Arun Kashalkar, the Master of Agra and Gwalior gharana of Hindustani classical music and started my taleem under him. His music and his learnings are so fascinating that I never missed his classes. It took lot of painful efforts to manage job and household work and simultaneously being consistent in learning music. With the help of my guruji’s efforts which he put on me, soon I started singing even difficult raagas very easily. I decided that I will pass on all my knowledge to aspiring passionate singers and teach them everything in the same manner how my guruji has taught me so that they learn unrevealed secrets of singing. This is how Swargyan Music Academy was born !

“When I was in my school and college, My friends and teachers always told me that I can not sing well.

Unfortunately I believed in them, I believed that singers and musicians are born talent. But Now I understand that world was wrong. Anyone can become a mind-blowing singer with the help of proper practice.

My Vision - To empower students with right knowledge of beautiful and mesmerizing Hindustani Classical Music,

My Mission - To motivate and help maximum no. of people to learn Hindustani classical music."

Frequently asked questions

Yes, You can access this course anywhere, anytime for your life-time

This course is recorded.

However, You will also get access to live classes once in two weeks (Depending on our schedule) for learning new ragas and bandishes and for solving your  doubts.

No. You don't need any instrument. You can simply download tanpura and tabla app on your android or iphone device.

It is a big course. Duration is more than 3 and a half hours.

Also, do not forget about live classes that we conduct for free.

In case of any doubts, I am just 1 whatsapp message away. I will create a beautiful video or detailed audio or message reply depending upon your doubt and send you.

You will interact with me during Live masterclass and I will take care of each and every sur, taal and matras that you will sing. 

After you make the payment, you will be redirected to the button to join your exclusive whatsapp group. I will personally message you on whatsapp and give you the course access after some time.


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(1000+ Verified Reviews)


There are only 2 things required to become a great singer, 1) Your Passion, 2) Your Guru. Your Passion will work for you and Your Guru will show you the way. So have Faith in yourself and Trust on me to see the Magic flowing from your voice !

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