About Us

Swargyan Music Academy believes in the fact that everyone in this world who can ‘speak’ has the ability to ‘sing’ too. God has gifted this innate skill to everyone and nourishment of this art is possible with proper training and practice.Unfortunately, a lot of people do not pursue this art assuming that music is not their cup of tea.
At Swargyan Music Academy, students get an opportunity to learn Indian classical music as per the rich tradition of Gharana based gayaki which is considered to be the most effective way of learning music. The syllabus is designed and taught in accordance to the teaching-learning process followed by Pandits and Ustaads to pass on the divine knowledge of music to their shishyas.
Swargyan believes that music is a performing art and the only real certificate you can get is through daads and wah-wahs from your audiences.
Swargyan aims at grooming students to become performers of Hindustani Classical Music.
Music lessons are taken online on the free video sharing websites or apps such as ZOOM or GOOGE MEET.
The major advantage of taking Indian classical music lessons online is that the students from any Part of the world can come together sitting at their own places and learn music at their own convenience. The process of becoming Tansen begins by being Kansen first. The best way of learning music is by listening to it properly.There is enhanced grasping and internalisation of a raag in the mind of students when they listen carefully to their guru and fellow sadhaks during group learning sessions. This is an ideal way to start learning Indian classical music. Anyone who is passionate about music can have the joy of learning without any apprehensions.
The main advantages of learning music online are

Easiest and most convenient manner of learning.

No need to take efforts in travelling to go to classes.

No need of spending extra time and money in travelling.

Staying home and learning online during COVID-19 pandemic is safe

The classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Useful Resources for Students of Classical Music
The first thing I would recommend for all learners of Hindustani classical music is to practice with the help of Taanpura.If acoustic taanpura is not available,students can use electronic tanpura or any of tanpura tabla apps that are freely downloadable from playstore or app store. 

The very first step is to make up your mind to channelize your aspiration towards realization.

And then, you would be just a click away!

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Mission & Vision


To inculcate deep understanding of music and increase love of aspiring musicians and audiences towards good music.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

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